Put passenger’s priority first

Using our stock of solutions to help you get better experience
and improve on airport facility

Our handy solutions to make flying easier

Have your own flow of process with quirky blend of hardware and software system

Modified passenger experience

Your existing system and our solution will go hand in hand to make travelling worthwhile



User-friendly mobile phone app which helps to enhance your user experience and flight operations.


Self Service

High end software and hardware enabled, which allows passengers to keep a track of their journey.



Vigorous load control, departure control and security which helps increase in productivity.



Web services with high internet speed even with multiple DCS at different airports.

Handy travel tracking
with Kavitech

Boarding and
check-in passengers

Printing bag tags
and boarding passes

High revenue generation

Free ticket agents from being confined to desks

Earn more from baggage policies

Without any capital expenditure you can increase terminal capacity