Healthcare Services

Health Care Patient Rounds

Traditional methods of monitoring a patient’s health are time-consuming and tedious, leading to delays in updating prescriptions and revising treatments. Mounting workload and commitments hinder the doctors’ availability from catering to the patient’s needs immediately. When the process works in real-time, evaluating a patient’s progress becomes a lot easier and quicker.

Our healthcare mobility solution,

  • Imparts real-time updates of patients to doctors and medical staff who can immediately tend to the emergency.
  • Eliminates fatigue of physically visiting the patients multiple times a day.
    Tracks health updates at the touch of your fingertips.
  • Assists in prioritising the patient list based on their health updates.
  • Reduces multiple touchpoints of communication, in turn increasing productivity.
  • Simplifies interaction by integrating visuals, voice and text on a single screen.

Specimen Collections

Collecting specimens is a tedious task that requires accuracy and perfection. Manually conducting it and feeding the information can result in errors.

To avoid any cathartic situation, our Specimen Collection Solution –

  • Aims to eliminate patient identification errors.
  • Improve turnaround time.
  • Boost efficiency in the lab and throughout the facility by replacing manual data entry steps with automation.

This automation process results in higher accuracy of patient identification with barcode technology and eliminates specimen labelling errors which might hamper the reports and specimen collection process.