Warehousing Services

Asset Management

Asset Management

Reliance on labour and manual paperwork results in errors at multiple levels amounting to loss in revenue and hurdles in smooth functioning of a business. When we talk of asset management, various hard and soft services need to be addressed, from inspection, auditing, and managing to cost. Seamless flow of management is paramount and can be achieved by automated solutions which minimise human intervention.

Our handheld facility management solution,

  • Eliminates duplication of work efforts and transfers burden to intelligent software.
  • Automates monitoring & controlling processes on an interlinked network of hardware and custom software through integrated GPS trackers.
  • Imparts more accurate results with less effort in the form of tracking and monitoring through the advanced feature of barcode scanning.
  • Boosts the productivity levels of the employees and keeps them updated in real-time.
  • Equipped with a strong battery backup, it doesn’t hamper management at any place.

Cylinder Tracking

Cylinders are an essential asset of the chemical-based industrial intermediates. Manual tracking of cylinders at every stage can lead to multiple errors like,

Incorrect data entry.

  • Withering of barcodes due to harsh climatic conditions.
    Theft resulting in unwanted losses.
  • A systematic solution can bring about automation in the tracking and monitoring of cylinders, thereby reducing the losses.

Our RFID technology solution,

  • Tracks the cylinders like a hawk with tags that impart a unique identification code to each cylinder.
  • Raises the bar of accuracy, agility and convenience while the losses go down.
  • Reduces manual burden and paves the way for optimum utilisation of manpower and technology.
  • Real-time graphical MIS reports keep you updated with the cylinder path and usage round the clock.
Cylinder Tracking
Warehouse Management

Warehouse Management

Warehouse Management is an indispensable part of a supply chain. Managing it can become a hassle at times, and challenges like managing inventory, production bottlenecks, delays in order fulfilment, false stock-outs arise. Automated processes ensure accurate stock maintenance and foster smoother connectivity of the supply chains.

Our warehouse management system,

  • Gives you access to orders and assets tracking from the get-go.
  • Omits the scope of inaccurate calculations.
  • Maintaining records becomes convenient from around the globe.
  • Wireless infrastructure brings in enhanced connectivity.
  • Reduces hiccups from the workflow, bringing in more revenue.

Comprising RFID systems, mobile computers, scanners, labelling equipment and more, the solution comes in handy from start to the end.

Gateyard Management

Streamline your raw material management with our innovative gate yard management solutions. Unique tokens for every truck, cross-verification, and real-time tracking make delivery and inventory updates a breeze. Say goodbye to manual check-ins and errors and hello to effortless operations and complete control.

  • Cut The Back And Forth With Our Seamless Gate Management
  • Trust Us To Handle the Heavy Lifting for Seamless Gate Management
  • Let Us Take The Reigns For A Headache Free Gate Management System

Material Issuance

Elevate your raw material management with our barcode tracking solution. Every delivery is separated into logical lots and assigned a unique barcode for easy tracking inside your warehouse. Effortlessly put away and issue materials to production locations, and rest easy knowing that you can return any material that doesn’t meet quality standards. Always stay on top of your inventory with real-time, location-based stock updates.

Production Deployment

Optimize your production process with our work order planning solution. Ensure only the finest materials make the cut with our strict input requirements, and enjoy consistent, high-quality output with our defined parameters for size, finish, and tempering. Track your efficiency with real-time waste measurement at every stage of the production cycle.