Baggage Handling Services

Cargo Management

Costs touching skies, poor service and inefficient space utilisation are the three major constraints faced by cargo business. A comprehensive set of solutions for accelerating revenue growth is what the airlines are looking out for.

Our cargo management system,

  • Harnesses the power of the cloud, machine learning and mobility solutions to bring in the ultimate efficacy.
  • Customises solutions like instant business intelligence and sophisticated data analysis.
  • Gives the control in your hand by tracking shipment in real-time, thereby reducing the chances of misrouted shipments.
  • A full-featured mobile app provides track and trace facility for better visibility of the cargo.

Baggage Reconciliation

Baggage management and reconciliation is an enormous task that requires precision and surveillance. It is imperative for airport operation managers and airline officials to keep track of customer baggage at every stage. Right from check-in to arrival, it’s the airline’s responsibility, and it needs to be carried out efficiently at all times.

Our Baggage Reconciliation System offers the airlines the highest level of satisfaction, thereby helping them impart better customer service.

How does it help?

  • Provides a bird-eye view of the baggage process.
  • Allows airports to run a comprehensive audit trail to continuously improve baggage handling procedures.
  • Increases safety by reducing the opportunity of baggage theft for your stakeholders.
    Reduces the manual intervention, speeding up the operational work.
  • A centrally linked database system enables faster communication between all parties involved.
  • Passengers enjoy a more predictable arrival of baggage when and where the bag is expected.

Baggage Service

Baggage handling is a complex process for airports and airlines as it amounts to a large chunk of the passenger journey. The more systematic and smooth the process, the more the airline’s reliability. It encompasses tracking of baggage and lost and found features to ensure a smooth workflow.

A real-time intelligent solution like ours,

  • Imparts better tracking facilities.
  • Provides a bird-eye view of the baggage process.
  • Reduces complexities of traditional methods that require hand-holding.
  • Eliminates the chances of luggage misplacement or damage.

How does it work?

  • The inbuilt barcode facility in the solution scans the bag tags and passenger boarding details almost immediately, enabling a quicker turnaround time. The mobile handheld computer allows the airline to cater to the customer’s concerns immediately while at the same time, saving space and capital that would be required for a kiosk.