Ground & Ramp Handling Services


Many times, the improper management of manpower results in unnecessary delays and hassles for the passengers. A pre-managed system that anticipates the demand and assigns the manpower accordingly can result in higher efficiency and minimum wastage of resources.

Our advanced Rostering Management System (RMS),

  • Accounts for optimum utilisation of human resources at all times.
  • Increases efficiency, motivation and sense of responsibility amongst the employees.
  • Seamless work-flow becomes an everyday affair for the airline and the airport.
  • Reduces confusion, costs and uncertainty for the passengers and airlines alike.


The loading and off-loading instruction/report must be completed, checked and signed against the weight, balance and loading limits before the flight takes off. Manual compilation and sharing information from ground officials to the pilot can lead to errors. A solution that streamlines the process and automatically transfers the information with a single press of a button is necessary.

Our E-Readback solution eases the process by,

  • Eliminating the verbal communication path which could lead to half-information being passed on.
  • Brings accuracy and quick results through the incoming advanced CPM (Cargo Pallet Message) or LDM (Load Distribution Message).
  • Stores and provides quick access to the images of the loading and off-loading process in case of any discrepancy.


Gate No Show/ Last Minute Change/ Ramp Activities. For any airline, Gate No Show, Last Minute Changes and Ramp Activities are very crucial information for the management, affecting successful and fast boarding process and timely take-off of flights. This solution helps airline officers to monitor the above events effectively and take and take appropriate actions.

The solution has the following features:

  • Passengers who have not shown at the last minute, this information is sent as a SMS to Authorized Users to help them take appropriate actions like Closing Boarding Gate, Offloading bags and marking flights as ready for departure (Closing Flights).
  • Last minute change notification for passengers who have checked out or moved from the selected flights, is sent to Authorized Users. They then offload the bags of affected passengers
  • Ramp Checklist (RC): an effective recording system which automates the strenuous task of manually updating the activity performance details of each aircraft, with timestamp, after each activity is completed.

Control Center

Irrespective of the time, there is a need to constantly plan, manage and carry out multiple levels of procedures at the airport. Performing it manually can lead to incessant delays, incorrect entries, and the hassle of the passenger journey. A comprehensive solution that binds everything together under one system and keeps the DO, supervisors, airlines and the passengers updated with information in real-time is the ideal match every airport wants.

Our digital station management system,

  • Brings all the procedures under one umbrella and eliminates the hassle of using a plethora of software.
  • Automates the process of collation of data from a multitude of sources and carriers and keeps everyone informed of the changes in departure timings, gates, and more.
  • A user-friendly and intuitive GUI makes it easy to navigate and receive information without delays.
  • The reporting feature can generate reports on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.
  • The integrated application allows supervisors to monitor every activity without feeling the burden of overwork.
  • Ticks all the boxes of automation, convenience and promptness.