Passenger Processing Services

Meet & Greet

Meet & greet is an essential service provided to the passengers at the airport, but it can become tedious if the information and special instructions need to be manually communicated from one service crew member to the next. An automated solution modifies this process into a swift, smoother and safer one.

Our system fosters,

  • Fast tracks the journey and gets rid of complicated formalities.
  • Assignments-in-hand are assigned conveniently to the service crew.
  • The crew is prepared in advance for special needs, including wheelchair services, meet and assist service, unaccompanied minors.
  • Automation leads to improvement in efficiency and loyalty-building for the airlines.

Passenger Reconciliation

Passengers are an important stakeholder for airlines. But the massive airport infrastructure and multiple checkpoints can make their management a difficult ordeal.
When systems are more streamlined, processes become simpler and help avoid unwanted delays.

Our Passenger Tracing and Reconciliation Solution,

  • Helps achieve efficient tracking of passengers through handheld mobile computers at various checkpoints.
  • Provides customer information through trackable barcodes in boarding passes.
  • Verification of data in real-time through wireless functionality of solutions.
  • Streamlines the passenger flow and reduces delays in take-offs.
  • Allows for the more secure transfer of information.

Lounge Access & Revenue Management

Manual lounge check-ins become a tedious task, especially when there are long queues and multiple checkpoints, leading to time wastage. An automated record entry system provides real-time reporting. It is hassle-free, quick and reduces the chances of manual errors.

Our Lounge Access and Revenue Management Solution helps,

  • Achieve operational efficiency and accuracy.
  • Automate data capturing and increase productivity through a central server and database.
  • Get the passenger details, boarding pass and bill generated in one quick scan.
  • Save time and foster airline brand reliability.

Check- In

Check-ins take away a major chunk of time at the airport. Standing in long queues, waiting for the turn, walking all the way to the dedicated centres is time-consuming and often leads to fatigue for your passengers. A cloud-based mobile check-in system is the need of the hour that can phase out delays.

Our mobile automated system,

  • Is the flexible answer to the otherwise rigid and complex system of onboarding.
  • Is cost-effective and fits perfectly into the modern infrastructure of today.
  • Acts as your assistant in helping the passengers verify their documents, ensuring things are followed to the T.
  • Faster processing time and easy integration with any DCS calls for a better workflow.

Baggage Drop

The rising number of air passengers have compelled airlines and airports to seek solutions for quicker baggage drop facilities and minimisation of mishandled bags – a challenge that airlines are yet to overcome. A solution that enables passengers to swiftly drop off luggage results in added convenience and elevates the overall experience at the airport.

Our self-drop baggage solution,

  • Is designed with contactless technology that imparts a smooth process of self or assisted baggage drops.
  • Baggage image is recorded for tracking purposes which becomes a boon in case of bag mismanagement.
  • Integrates seamlessly with airport infrastructure as well as airline systems. Talk about a win-win!

Boarding Gate/Mobile Boarding gate

Manual checking and re-checking of boarding passes at the boarding gate is a prolonged process. This leads to delays in take-offs which gets irritable for the customers and adds up costs for the airlines. Also, incorrect or suspicious check-ins may bring in extra hassle. An automated solution that quickens the process and eliminates multiple checks is the need of the hour.

Our mobile handheld solution,

  • Scans the barcode printed on the boarding pass and encodes the passenger information instantly.
  • Saves passengers time and extra cost by taking the tedious burden off the shoulders of ground staff.
  • Eliminates the scope of further confusion by sending boarding details and updates to the passenger.
  • Fret not; the system works in offline mode too for on-time boarding and departures.